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Dan Mccartney

August 30, 2017

Dan is an adventurer and athlete who also happens to be a full time Law Student. He has lived and studied abroad during the past year and even decided to cycle the full 600 miles from Bordeaux to London. He has targets set on numerous triathlons during his final year of study and bigger goals in 2019 with the prestigious Ironman.   What do you study? My degree is Law with French and I am now specialising in Humanitarian Law. What are your ambitions: Besides academia and my career in Law I will be training for my Ironman in Austria. Follow Him...

Chris Williams

August 30, 2017

From an overseas cricket coach and player to the vast waters of the Atlantic. Chris has spent the past two years in Australia as a full time overseas cricket player and coach. He will now move away from his cricket to focus on his newest challenge yet, which involves a 3000 nautical mile rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean. Chris is one of two representing Team Tenzing in the Talisker Whiskey Challenge this coming December. He will be battling soaring equatorial heat, salt sores, extreme fatigue and ocean storms as he and team mate Max row 24/7 for an estimated...

Max Thorpe

August 30, 2017

"I am rowing the Atlantic Ocean in the World's toughest race. This is providing the opportunity to delve into the unknown and discover my true potential" Recently graduating from University and undertaking an internship over the summer months, Max Thorpe has also been balancing his professional career with training for what is renowned as the world's toughest row.  Growing up with a sport background, Max has only very recently started rowing and will be diving into the deep-end, quite literally, with his first race being across the Atlantic Ocean.   Follow Him Key Stats Age: 24Nationality: BritishHometown: Tunbridge WellsFavourite Gum?...

Jennifer Butler

August 30, 2017

Have you ever sat still whilst travelling over 100kmph? Of course you have, we all the saftey of your own car! However, our Jenn not only serves a tasty Pizza, she travels the speed of a car on a board just a pizza slice away from the tarmac.   Jennifer Butler is one of the few female athletes in her respected and fast growing discipline whilst simultaneously juggling work, studies in genetics, tutoring as well as travelling the world for street luge competitions.   Follow Her Key Stats Age: 22Nationality: AmericanHometown: South California Profession on an ordinary day: Genetics student and pizza waitress.What do...