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Chris Williams

Sports Coach // Rowing the Atlantic

From an overseas cricket coach and player to the vast waters of the Atlantic.

Chris has spent the past two years in Australia as a full time overseas cricket player and coach. He will now move away from his cricket to focus on his newest challenge yet, which involves a 3000 nautical mile rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean.

Chris is one of two representing Team Tenzing in the Talisker Whiskey Challenge this coming December. He will be battling soaring equatorial heat, salt sores, extreme fatigue and ocean storms as he and team mate Max row 24/7 for an estimated 40-90 days.

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Key Stats

Age: 24
Nationality: British
Hometown: Tunbridge Wells
Favourite Gum? Vitamin

What do you do on an ordinary day: I am a sports coach.
What do you do on an extraordinary day: I am rowing the Atlantic unassisted.


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