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Max Thorpe

Intern // Rowing the Atlantic

"I am rowing the Atlantic Ocean in the World's toughest race. This is providing the opportunity to delve into the unknown and discover my true potential"

Recently graduating from University and undertaking an internship over the summer months, Max Thorpe has also been balancing his professional career with training for what is renowned as the world's toughest row. 

Growing up with a sport background, Max has only very recently started rowing and will be diving into the deep-end, quite literally, with his first race being across the Atlantic Ocean.


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Key Stats

Age: 24
Nationality: British
Hometown: Tunbridge Wells
Favourite Gum? Spearmint

What do you do on an ordinary day: I am a graduate student and intern.
What do you do on an extraordinary day: I am rowing the Atlantic unassisted.

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