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I write this from Ryazan - Russia.

All going as well as could be expected for three hugely unprepared fellas.

We bombed the first leg of the journey through Western Europe, camping in a forest no more than three metres off the main road in Germany. Second night we hit up a forest in central Poland and decided to call that home for the night... as did a load of wild dogs unfortunately that continued to growl, fight and bark throughout the night, easy sleep there! 

We then made our way up to Vilnius in Lithuania for a couple of nights to prepare for Russia; buying previsions and getting as ready as possible for the Latvia-Russian border crossing.

This said crossing occurred on the 11th and took 5 anxious hours in which in the last hour we were told we weren't allowed to enter, as the Stans are part of former Soviet control and you can’t enter with a car and leave it there. So I've had to lie to the Russian border guards and tell them that we are driving the car back from Tajikistan to London! 

 Two Aussies and an Englishman

Who knows what we are going to do but we have less than a month to sort it dramas though, we'll work it out!

BLOCKHEAD your Gum has been a lifesaver on these long drives, the lads love it!!